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First, let me say, I’m so very glad its Friday… 🙂 And second, I’m so tired of allergies. Actually since I’m relatively new to the whole allergies scene, only in the last 5 – 10 years, and not all the time, I still have trouble distinguishing if its a cold I’m suffering or allergies. Yuck. You don’t normally run fevers with allergies do you?

Anyway, as you know, Michael was appointed to a huge position in Emmitsburg, MD and we will be moving to the southern PA area just above Emmitsbug. We have been house hunting online – well, mostly I have and sending them to Michael when I find one I would love. There was one in Fayetteville, PA, just gorgeous, but would mean nearly an hour commute for Michael, so that’s out. But, its so much fun to look at houses anyway. We’re looking for something old (already refurbished!!!) and with loads of character. I’d love to create an office like an old English estate. You know the kinds I mean, with the gorgeous desk, the fabulous knick-knacks and rugs, and interesting artwork on the walls….. LOL that is so NOT going to happen… but, I can make my new office look old if I want to. Except for the modern technology of course.

I’d love an old house that already has a den – but above all else, it has to be above ground. I love my office here in Colorado Springs, but, my only complaint is that its got no view. I have two windows, but they look out to the window wells and the neighbor’s fence. So I’d love to be able to see the world around me when I come up for air during the day.

Ideal home for me would be old, hopefully about turn of the century, with 4+ bedrooms, at least 2 baths, a great kitchen (wouldn’t mind an older kitchen as long as it was all functional), a den for me and a man cave for Michael. A garage for Michael, and he’s hoping for a little space around the home, one thing he truly doesn’t want is to be as close to neighbors as we are now.

So far, I have a list of about 20 properties I want him to check out as soon as he gets to MD. 🙂 Poor thing, between the new job and house hunting, he’s going to be so tired! Hopefully I can get out there a couple weeks after him and help him over a weekend.

I’d be happy with all of that, but honestly, I could be happy anywhere Michael is…

What’s your ideal dream home?

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