4th of July Weekend

This 4th of July was relaxing, adrenalin charged, and bittersweet all at the same time.

Bittersweet because on Friday, my dear friend Clara was laid to rest.  I was sad because I  couldn’t make it there due to health issues in my family and my fractured knee.  (if the knee had been the only reason I would have been there.)  Adrenaline charged because there were 3 incidents on Saturday that made my heart race! First, my twin sister Karen fell, and bruised her ribs – thankfully not too badly, but wow can she scream!  Michael checked her over and she’s sore but okay, then we went to dinner Saturday evening and a baby was choking on a chip – thank heavens Michael was there, he was able to help the baby and after a few moments he was fine.  Whew   how scary is that!!   Then the third thing, later that same evening, my mom fell off the steps in the garage (the light wasn’t on I guess) and hit her head, again Michael jumped in, and other than a bump and headache, and some sore places where she hit falling, she’s okay thankfully.  Michael said he didn’t realize how busy he’d be hanging out with my family…  🙂

Thankfully the rest of the weekend was very restful.

Update: Karen’s kidney scan was completed, it shows that she’s okay for one of the tests on her that was canceled because she had diminished kidney function  – which turned out to be a slight infection.  The scan also showed that she has multiple cysts in her kidneys, which may mean she has Poly-cystic Kidney Disease (PKD) like my brother has, for which there is no cure.  These tests however aren’t for the PKD, they are to determine the best surgery method to increase blood flow to her brain.


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