Aaahhhhhhhhhh! Bugs!!!!

Oh my gosh I’ve never seen so many different kinds of bugs!!

Since moving here, and seeing glorious bugs like fire flys – and yes, I was mesmerized – I’ve also seen up close and personal a beautiful Leaf Bug a lot like this one:

20110923-185008.jpg otherwise known as a Phasmida apparently. I didn’t take this picture, it was the day we were moving in and my camera wasn’t handy.

Then there was this one from today, which was really neat!

20110923-190226.jpg I had taken a picture of a stick bug before and then realized it was dead….

But the one that sent me screaming, not to the camera – but to the phone to call the exterminator – was this lovely (NOT) little thing that somehow made it into my morning coffee and I didn’t notice the little devil until AFTER I’d had a sip or two. Blecchhhhttt! Nasty!


You will laugh I know, but I check everything now, especially my coffee! LOL

Have a “buggy” day! Kathy

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