Amazing what time brings…

If you had told me several years ago that my life would be the way it is now, I’d probably have stared at you in disbelief…

Back then, being allowed an opinion, thought or comment was neither wanted or appreciated. My ideas were considered laughable. I was considered too stupid or simply incapable of learning. It was a gut wrenching existence, one that took me far too many years to leave. My only bright spot was my business, and that others’ tried to take the credit for.

My life today is so different. Now, instead of only one portion of it being fulfilling or happy in any way, now it’s the entirety of life that’s so precious to me. I’m free to pursue interests that were before laughed at or discouraged. I’m able to speak my mind – which I do frequently LOL. It’s such a joy to learn about something that inspires me and know my seeking this knowledge is supported and appreciated.

But mostly, I’m accepted, appreciated and loved for the person I am. No trying to change me into something else. These last few years have brought many changes, from Sterling, CO which is in the plains, to Colorado Springs which was beautiful and I had Pikes Peak in my back yard, to now, living in the forest in the mountains of south-central Pennsylvania. It’s brought more than geographical changes, I’m different too. Not physically… Except for a few more white hairs, and a couple more lines… I’m more centered, I’m more at ease, and above all, I’m happy.

I know this is a sappy post, but in a moment of gratefulness, I felt like sharing.

Thank you Michael. You are by far the most important and precious change for me.

The only thing missing is my kids, and my Grandkids.


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