Back again

Yup, its been a little while since I posted.  Wow is time just flying by!

Michael and I got our vacation planned, tickets purchased, and hotel/car  reservations made.  I’m so excited!!

From 4/29 at noon through 5/11 I’ll be completely out of the office.  I haven’t decided if I’m taking the laptop yet, but my new phone does nearly everything the laptop does.  Plus, not sure how much I want to carry on the plane(s).

Purse is easy, it will either be the camera bag, or stowed into the suitcase.  I was able to locate a couple add on filter packs for my camera bag so that will actually free up some room and I might be able to just stow the purse items into the camera bag and leave the purse at home.

Carrying on things to a plane is simply not my favorite things to do.  And with baggage fees the way they are these days, it’s more economical to check as little luggage as possible.

The first part of the trip will be to New York, way upstate New York in St. Lawrence County.  Into some of the most beautiful country I’ve ever seen.  And… this year, according to one of the people I know who will be there, Spring has already started!  Last year, Spring was delayed, and I didn’t get to see the full effect – but what I saw was incredible.  We’ll be driving during the day from the Syracuse Airport so I’ll have camera ready because its so beautiful!  Plus, there are some really neat towns along the way, with incredible architecture.

Then, after a couple days there, we’ll travel back to Syracuse and fly out to Fresno to see my daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren. I’m excited for Michael to meet them.  We’ll spend a few days there, then fly to Seattle so I can meet Michael’s daughter, son in law and grandson.  And…. bonus… I’ve never been to Washington so I’m very excited to see it, I hear its truly gorgeous.

I’m very excited to have my daughter meet Michael, I think they will get along great.  I’ve been able to talk to Michael’s daughter but can’t wait to actually see her in person.  Overall, it will be a fabulous vacation!  So, don’t look for too many posts from me during the trip… well maybe just a couple… 🙂


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