Bunny Blog Day 3

We are entering our third day as bunny foster parents and they seem to be doing quite well. One is just starting to open his/her eyes, but all are being pretty active. They have lost a tiny bit of weight but Michael said its due to them experiencing stress from the rescue and getting used to an eyedropper for food. But, they are doing their ‘business’ which is very good.

I know that I’m back in parent mode since at last night’s feeding I got peed on by one of them! Haven’t been peed on by a baby since my own children were babies! Michael thought it was funny…

Patches is still completely mesmerized by them. Although I’m not entirely sure she’s not waiting for the chance to grab one and run lol.

We’ve been doing tons of research about baby bunnies, and have decided to introduce soft grasses and carrot tops and such to them once all their eyes are open. Even if they don’t eat the greens, it will feel more natural to them.

They seem to be responding to our voices, coming from the back of the cage to the front when I’m speaking to them. They aren’t startling as easily when we’re feeding them.

They are so cute! Michael says I’m becoming far too attached and he’s probably right. We have both read that the likelihood of their being entirely wild is much less with hand raising, but we still felt strongly about giving them a chance. Even if we are able to release them, they will have plenty of safe places to hole up around our home. One of the benefits of living in a neighborhood in the forest.

We also discussed and read about wildlife rehab centers, and just don’t feel right about taking the babies to one who also takes in raptors (hawks, owls, falcons and so on) because, it felt to us that we could possibly have rescued them, only to have them end up as raptor food. (I hate the thought of that!!)




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