Finally Quiet!

Ahhhh…. Peace…

Finally, the construction on the road in front of my house is done for the day – – and the water is turned back on. It will be progressively louder and louder as they work their way up the hill, replacing the water mains. I don’t understand the construction business. The first day they were here they cut slits in the pavement all the way up the street. Then, several days went by and they didn’t do anything. Then they ripped up the pavement inbetween the slits, and then covered it back over with dirt and gravel. Now, they are digging down to the pipes and actually doing the replacement. I guess, its all a timing thing… they probably have all these Gant charts to monitor the progress and keep on schedule.

What I didn’t like is that one day we got the notice that they would be doing the construction, then it started. Only one day notice? Hmmmmm. Then we were informed it would take until mid MAY yuck. Then, we were told our water would be out between 8am and 5pm. I thought that meant that they wouldn’t work past 5pm. Nope. They worked until after 8pm today, loudly.

And tomorrow promises to be even louder as they move slowly closer to my home. Meanwhile the tractor and heavy truck traffic continues constantly.

I’m complaining I know… but did you ever have the occasion to listen to tractors and the ground rattling from the basement? Very loud and droning into my head… L

This too shall pass I guess.

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