I’m FREE!!! WhooHOO!!! J

I know, I’m nuts. But hey… when you work at your desk all day you celebrate simple pleasures.

Yesterday, my VoIP headset arrived. I set it up (very easy) and charged the unit. Today, I feel so productive after only two and a half hours, if I felt better I’d jump around the office. This makes me realize just how restricted I felt with a corded headset.

You’re probably saying… its not that big a deal. You’re right, in the grand scheme of things, its not. But this is a simple win for me. I take calls for clients all over the world and sometimes I need to be “beyond cord length” from my computer (which is my phone system now). It makes me feel less productive to put calls on hold while I’m in the cabinet, or checking past files. My headset has a 200 foot range so I’ll be able to go grab lunch, or the mail, or whatever, while its on. No more getting up to run upstairs and sign for something and ripping off the headset (literally) because I forgot to take it off.

Now that I’m on my VoIP phone system, its confined to my laptop. Which means that I’ll be able to work upstairs – even taking calls – while I’m not feeling well, which face it, is today. I’ll also be able to take it with me when I travel. There will be times when I want to be ‘away’ but working too. Being a virtual assistant who’s tied to the desk defeats the idea of being able to be out of my office but still working. Michael has a couple business trips later this year, I’ll be able to go too, and still work, but we’ll be able to get out and see new places – which is something I’d dearly love to do.

Anyway, I’m back at it, make it great day!


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