Garage Doors…

Something strange happened on the way to work this morning….  🙂  But not for me of course, it happened to Michael.

The garage door was stuck down! The center mount on the spring actually came out of the wall.  Not sure how that could happen, but, the door was stuck down.  We had to call the garage door repairman to come out and let Michael out.

Not that I minded really, it was nice to have him working from home in my office (as much as he could – he then went up to his for a while).  Now, he’s free to head out…  Darn it!

Once in California, I had a garage door actually fall down – but it was ancient, and one of those solid doors, not hinged  like ours.  Thankfully we knew it would happen so no cars were inside to get smushed.

What is the oddest thing that’s ever gone out at your house?


One thought on “Garage Doors…

  1. Its amazing how a broken garage door makes one feel like a prisoner! I know its unreasonable, but goodness – never fully appreciate how much we rely on our vehicles when we can’t use them.

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