Hot, Hot, Hot!!

Wow its been hot here today!  I was hobbling through my housecleaning today and had to nudge the AC down a couple days to cool off.  HOT!  But, managed to get everything I wanted to done, except for the vacuuming.  Knee just wasn’t up for that, but Michael handled that for me when he got home.

I head to the doctor’s again on Monday to have the knee looked at again. It’s simply not healing well. Still far too much pain to be healing.   Sleeping is an exercise is futility sometimes.  I have to have a pillow in between my knees, and even that doesn’t help much.  Stairs are no fun at all, I try to limit my trips up and down to only a couple a day, which let me say isn’t easy when deliveries come. I spend a great deal of time upstairs, on the laptop logged into the computer downstairs.  Thank heavens for technology.

Hopefully I don’t get a cortisone shot…  Ouch


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