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I am so excited!

I love clearance sales…. And Penney’s had a good one recently on window treatments. Michael and I have been wondering what to do with the front window – its HUGE… I was browsing and found some thermal curtains in the clearance section, in the colors I wanted and in the sizes. I’m really excited to get them hung. For hardware, I’m going to Home Depot, and I’m buying a very long dowel that I will stain a walnut and put nice end pieces on. Then I’ll hang the dowel with hangers in about 4 spots. Not sure the curtain hangers yet, probably wood ring-clips. And I think I’ll either make some nice tie backs, or mount them on the wall. I saw some at my sister’s house that I liked, but they are probably too big for the way my windows are setup.

I also found some gorgeous lace tier panels, that I can mount in the frames of my office windows by using a tension rod.

Oh, and I have jerked my corded headset off my head for the last time!! I keep forgetting its on my head and I stand up to move around my office and rip it right off my head!

I tried a zoomswitch for my standard telephone wireless headset, but it wasn’t very compatible with my computer after I completely removed my standard telephone system. So, I’m selling it on ebay. Both the zoomswitch and the headset. Because I found on ebay for nearly 75.00 less than normal retail, the same type of headset I had (wireless, comfortable), only specifically designed for use with my computer. Yeah!!!

The price was perfect, and the fact that I saved so much meant I didn’t have to feel guilty about purchasing it before I’d sold my other systems.

The curtains and the new headset should be here soon so I’ll have an update for you soon.

Thanks, Kathy

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