I have lights!!

My Honey is so great! Yesterday we went to the hardware store (one of my toy stores is Home Depot!) and we picked up a couple grow lights for my plants. My plants are in the kitchen mostly and there is a really nice covered patio on that side of the house that makes it rather dim, and my plants suffer for it. So a grow light is the answer.

Today, before the football games, we installed them. And then he installed task lighting for me too. Very nice! Now the counter with the most room has great lighting for me to work. And I don’t have to turn on the overhead fluorescent light (Michael says it reminds him of a bus terminal. (It’s really not that bad LOL)

So, now I’m on the couch, eating an orange and settling in for the games. If I can get the soreness in my muscles to go away, I slid about half way down the stairs this morning.

Did I ever mention that I’m clumsy? Sigh…..  Hate to say it Nichole, you come by it naturally…


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