For my son’s birthday, I sent him a card. He asked (apparently) that his grandmother write me back. Of course it’s just another in a very long list of attempts to reach out, only to be shot down. But at least she’s spouting the same crap she always did. I have to remember to consider the source, after all this is the same vicious minded person who told me before I ever married her son that I would never be good enough.

I could scan the letter and post it here, but I don’t see the point. She is an interfering old woman, and while her words are hurtful, I’m not surprised by them. She’s said all that before. She stole my home, stole my children, she will not steal my happiness now. She doesn’t get to have that much power.

My kids will never get past feeling like I abandoned them. And with their grandmother reinforcing it at every turn, they don’t have to.

I will continue to love my children every day, as I have loved them every day of their lives. I will continue to pray for them every day as I have every day of their lives.

Abandonment was never the issue, interference was…

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