Jane Eyre

I just watched the movie Jane Eyre, the 1996 version.  It was beautiful!  Anyone who knows me knows I love the period movies.  Just love to lose myself in the richness of the scenery and the story.  This was a really gorgeous piece, although it was somewhat dark at times.  Although love won out – which is just the icing on the cake for me.

What a nice way to cure a sad mood!

Didn’t I hear rumors of a new version coming out either this year or next?  Will have to wait and see!


One thought on “Jane Eyre

  1. I love that version, too, and it was my favorite until… the BBC Masterpiece Theatre version starring Toby Stevens and Ruth Wilson. It really amps up the romance part of the story and has a bit more lightness between Jane and Rochester that makes their falling in love even more plausible. Treat yourself to watching it!

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