Knee again

Good news is that the fracture has healed, but the bad news is that the torn meniscus detected by Friday’s MRI will take more time.

Yesterday I was given a cortisone shot in the knee, and told that for a few hours it would be numb then no pain. No limitations on activities at all.  After the numbness wore off yesterday about 7pm, it was excruciating!  I couldn’t sleep at all since it hurt so much and OTC alternatives weren’t touching the pain.  I called and told the doctor’s nurse about it, she said that what I’m experiencing is common. But that the doctor and his PA were both out of the office and couldn’t prescribe something a bit stronger.   Grrr.  You can bet I let them know how I felt, told the nurse first that it wasn’t directed at her, just the situation.

So, today I’m working from the couch office, gritting my teeth, and applying ice.  OTC meds, but hopefully the nurse will be able to get ahold of them and call in something for me.

Ouch!  Not a good day.


The nurse at the doctor’s office called this afternoon, and said that they (doctor and his physician’s assistant) didn’t think the pain was severe enough for anything over the counter, and that if I wanted something stronger I should go to my family physician.

Really???  Are they in my knee that they could tell that?  Unbelievable.  I will be looking for a new doctor I think.

My knee is starting to feel better, but that’s not the point. The point was that I was ‘dismissed’ as a patient, my level of pain was dismissed, my concerns were dismissed, and by their very attitude, they didn’t take me as a patient seriously.  That’s not acceptable.

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