Misconceptions and Opinions

You know what just burns me up?

People who tell me they don’t like me or will discount me based on what they’ve ‘been led to believe’… They don’t know me from anyone else other than what some people with ultierer motives have said about me. Or, what children with misconceptions based on programming have told them.

Sure, discount me, cut me out of their life (again) – but more importantly, purposely keep me out of the loop concerning MY OWN CHILDREN. Heaven forbid these people should form an opinion of me based on their own opinion, instead of what they THINK they know of me, which is absolutely nothing!!!

So, dear Ms. M. You don’t know me. I have not accused you, I was relaying my general frustration, not accusation. Which, anyone with any kind of common sense would have realized. I truly hoped that as a mother, you might understand the pain – I guess I was misinformed about you. Or do you have no real thoughts of your own? Perhaps you’re too controlled by others.

Of course, I know you were keeping information about my child from me, because I had already discerned what you didn’t tell me. But, since I know you were probably scolded by those higher in the family food chain than you, I forgive you. Its pretty difficult to fight against the ‘realm’.

Again, I say you have no right to judge me based on opinions of others, they don’t know me any more than you do, their motivation is questionable anyway since they denied me my children. My poor children were programmed to the point that they hate their own mother who only wants to love them.

You might have been told that I was a monster, however, I was told you were a very fair, and loving person. I choose to believe that.

If, and I pray to God you never do, but if you ever find yourself fighting to keep your children, or, even worse, to get them back, understand that there was one who went before you. I was not aware of the kind of phychological abuse that was perpetrated against my children until much later (when I discovered by accident that it had a NAME!), and I pray you never find yourself there, but if you do, I’ll be here to listen to you, to help as much as I can, and to point you in the direction of people who may be able to help. Understand, what happened was real, it has a name.

Parental Alienation Syndrome came full circle, look at what happened with my son? Look at what he did with a woman who was PRACTICING Parental Alienation Syndrome because her ex had been granted custody and she didn’t like it. You want to know why he was so easily led? BECAUSE HE WAS SO USED TO IT FROM GROWING UP WITH IT!!!

And, since I was denied a relationship with them, he never got a chance to know of something else. Something that may have been the key in stopping his distractive behavior later in life.

We’ll never know now will we?

(for everyone who isn’t part of the above conversion – please forgive the rant…)

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