My Family

There will be no more pictures here of my children. If wondering why, please read this post.

Here are some pictures of my family:

Nichole, Bryce, Princess L and Prince K.  My gorgeous daughter and her beautiful family.


My son insisted I remove his picture – because I don’t have his permission. (Read the comment below from him – ouch!) Well, he’s right, at least I didn’t have it for his wife, so I did remove that one.  Note, I won’t remove them any more.  Looking for more to put up. But since I wasn’t allowed much time with them, I’m rather short of pictures.


Love of my life Michael, and me, Christmas 2009.

One thought on “My Family

  1. Comment is from my son Don, edited to be acceptable online:
    take these g#dd#%m pictures off of this site. you do not have my permission to post any pictures of myself or my now-ex wife. remove them or i swear i will have this website banned, i know hackers… do NOT f@#k with me.

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