My Temporary Daughters are home… :-)

After a delay of nearly 24 hours, my temporary daughters, Maiken and Rebecca (Danish Exchange Students) are finally here.  They were delayed by a number of things, not to mention 2 hours in customs.  They arrived home (Thank you Jackie for delivering them!!) tired and very hungry.  After a hearty meal of beef stew (warmed up from last night when they were supposed to arrive), they are unpacking and getting comfortable. Poor things – they looked so tired.

First impressions are that they are lovely, a little shy – which is understandable considering we’ve never met in person and this is their first trip to the US – and very sweet.

Later we’re making homemade pizza, and just relaxing.  We’ll stay around here tomorrow, probably, keeping an eye on altitude issues – lots of water! – and on Sunday we’ll go to the store with Michael so they can pick out things they like to eat or want to try.  On Monday, they start their classes at PPCC as part of the Exchange Student program.

Once they are more rested and refreshed, I’ll ask them if they mind me posting pictures on the blog.

Already fun having them in the house, but we all have to get used to it.  LOL Maiken already scared me when she came into the kitchen while I was  starting the pizza sauce and I didn’t hear her until she spoke…  Too funny.

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