Not everyone should be a virtual assistant…

What I mean to say is that there are certain traits that will hamper the success of a virtual assistant.

For instance, I recently received a call for coaching a potential virtual assistant. We decided that it would be better for her to call me after hours, for her and me. I arranged a time, and at the appointed time…. no call.

When next she called it was again during business hours, and again, we determined it would be more efficient for her to contact me after hours. I like to try and arrange it so that these types of calls don’t interrupt my family time, so I’ll set them up generally when Michael is working. So, at the appointed time, I waited… and again, no call. Until after 9pm. Which, let me tell you, I’m worth nothing after 8pm… generally thinking about getting to bed and sleep by about a quarter to 9, so calls after 9pm are way too late.

I did take the call but suggested she call me today, before noon. I waited around specifically, took my phone with me everywhere in the house so I wouldn’t miss her while I did laundry and other stuff… No call. Finally, nearly 1pm, and I am on the phone with my sister talking about a project we’re both working on and I get the call from the prospective virtual assistant.

I didn’t take the call, and she didn’t leave a message.

I would have to say, if you cannot

1. Keep to the schedule
2. Follow through with something you said you’d do
3. Let everyone else dictate your schedule, to the point that you cannot even advise someone that you cannot make this appointment/deadline/call – or whatever….

You probably shouldn’t become a virtual assistant.

Thanks for listening!


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