One Month and Counting…

If you couldn’t tell from my FaceBook, I am really excited! I can’t wait to marry my best friend and spend the rest of my life living this dream life we’ve created. He is truly my soul mate. (But don’t let him kid you, Michael is excited too!)


Have only a very few items left on my check list, the Arch is in progress (I’m constructing it from the stairs because I’m short and it’s tall!), the flowers are done, table arrangements are done, most of the decorations are ready to be put to use, the honeymoon pretty well planned (will finalize and pack closer to the day), RSVP cards are coming in and family and the wedding party are getting their arrangements set.


I am concerned about the food for the reception. The restaurant we are working with let the person go that was handling us and he didn’t leave them any information on our event and the plans we had made with him. When we went there for dinner a few days ago and asked for him – then found out he wasn’t there and they had no idea what we were talking about, Michael said the color in my face just went stark white….. I didn’t realize that, I just felt PANIC! LOL but the general manager and the owner says they will take care of us no problem. I hope so, its the one BIG thing left on the list.


So we are at one month and counting… and I’m doing everything I can to keep from doing the happy dance around the house!


Ok, I give up…. Dancing off now!



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