Ok, so I’m probably the most clumsy person you will ever meet. Not only clumsy, but I havn’t got the best vision either. Left eye turns inward slightly and the right eye tilts upward… Slightly. Add to that optic nerves that are not fully developed nd now, degenerative.

Sih… Yesterday afternoon, I was distracted as I was going downstairs. I thought I was at the bottom already, so I turned toward my office and stepped out… Only to find I was still three steps from the bottom.

It happened so fast, I didn’t even think to tense up, I just fell, and landed at the bottom right on my knees on the ceramic tile floor. Yikes it was painful.

So, today has been an exercise in treading slowly and carefully. And not too much on the stairs, still too painful.

Hopefully tomorrow’s better.

🙂 Kathy

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