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I had some pears I didn’t want to lose because I didn’t eat them fast enough. So, I sliced them into a solution of Fruit Fresh and water, let them soak about 10 minutes and then put them in the dehydrator.  Wow the house smells nice now.

Before, I’ve dried apples and peaches with great results.  I did some lemons not too long ago, then blended them (keeping some of the rinds for other uses) – makes great lemon zest.  One thing though, citrus does tend to darken when drying, so they may benefit from the Fruit Fresh solution too, although it’s not necessary if the darkening doesn’t matter to you.

So, its Sunday morning, Michael is reading the paper, don’t ask where all the sections he’s read are ending up! 🙂 and I’m working on blogs, socials and trying to get past some bug I picked up. Michael had to be in Sterling yesterday and I would have gone with him but wasn’t feeling up to it, but that’s not a bad thing since Mom and Dad were both sick too. There will always be more trips.

So being somewhat lazy, and largely disorganized I decided to look for one place to post to all the social networks I belong to, and all my blogs at the same time. I found http://Ping.fm for the networks, which is really very nice but I haven’t figured out how to post to the blogs yet, although it says you should be able to. What makes this my social network updater of choice is two things, first, it doesn’t require I download an application that is kept running in the background, and second, its free. Truly love it!

Meanwhile, its pretty easy to post to all my blogs using The Journal software (www.davidrm.com) after setting up the blog profiles in the tools menu. I’ve used The Journal for many years, having transitioned to an electronic, secure journal that let me keep my privacy. (You can probably guess that my journals were read without invitation in the past.) Well worth the price for the very user friendly application. I’ll be upgrading my older 4.1 version to the 5.0 version.

So, this is my Sunday, is there anything better than sitting next to your honey on the couch? Pretty soon he’ll be getting out his laptop and we’ll both be here enjoying each other’s company and being productive. Ahhh…. Bliss……………

Have a great day! Kathy

It occurs to me that I am not very ‘user friendly’ on some things.  Give me an issue on the computer, using Office, or Vista (or XP) and I’m  a whiz… but ask me to but share buttons on a blog for Facebook and I’m lost….  Sigh, I guess I’ll have to ask someone.  (LOL)  I’m much like anyone else who hates to ask for directions, I’d rather figure it out for myself.

Perhaps I’ll wait a bit and fiddle around with it more before I ‘go there’.


I discovered my daughter was also creating a new blog.  She already has a fabulous one, Simply McGhie, that’s full of the most wonderful insights into her life.  Her new blog, Spell Bound, is all about her writing.  I’m so proud of her! So be sure and check it out and you’ll see how great she is!

a proud mom.

This is a blog about various ramblings from an disorganized mind. My desk may be organized but the rest of my life is hilariously disorganized. I’m blessed to have the most wonderful man, Michael, in my life. Together we make a splendidly dis-organized pair. We laugh often, and simply live joyously.

Join me as we travel on our way.