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Wow, what a day. Its been both crazy busy and amazing. I’m very tired, but feeling enthusiastic about my day. It was abnormally busy due to the fact I was too sick to sit at the desk yesterday, but, I was called by two former clients who announced they want to come back, that their businesses were ‘ramping back up’. Awesome! Then, I prepared 24 1099 forms for my annual January clients, I anticipate I’ll have at least 200 more before the end of January. Then, two current clients announced that they will be increasing their hours with me due to upswings in their businesses.

Really exciting! There is no greater sign of success to me than repeat clients! I can’t imagine a better recommendation for my business. I’m really glad for the increase in hours… Today was one of those days that was more ‘on the clock’ than off the clock.

In between all the craziness with work, I was able to finish the laundry and get caught up on some other chores that went undone while I was down with the crud.

Then after work, I made a broiled chicken with Dijon mustard, spices (my secret blend), and breadcrumbs. Along with risotto, and fresh green beans. It was yummy! Michael, who is such a terrific cook, and really knows how to use herbs, couldn’t guess what I’d used. AND he went back for seconds, which he normally doesn’t do.

I guess he liked it!

He requested Chicken Cordon Bleu… which he said is one of his favorites. I’ve seen several recipies, but would love to find one that that is low calorie. Does anyone have any suggestions?

At any rate, I’m calling it a day… Another big day tomorrow.

Today, I’m home sick. But, being home sick when you’re an entrepreneur, and work from home anyway, you’re still there, and can work from the couch. I’m currently logged in to my PC down in my office from the laptop on the couch. Its not completely ideal, since I collect mail for a number of clients and will need to go down and scan things, and prepare deposits, and send out mail. But, I will do that in a single batch so that I only need to go up and down the stairs once.

Which brings up an interesting topic of conversation. When working remotely, what services/products/solutions do you find invaluable? If you use a remote access service, which one? Why? In your opinion, what makes it better than all the others?

Personally, I use three different remote access services. I have two clients who prefer Gotomypc.com (http://www.gotomypc.com). Several others use the free version of Logmein.com (http://www.logmein.com), and I prefer the I’m InTouch (http://www.01com.com) service with 01com.com. As for a favorite, I would have to say Logmein.com for the fact they have a free version – it doesn’t allow for file transfer, or remote printing, but that can be ‘gotten around’ when also using an online file cabinet, and upload the file needing remotely printed there, or printing it to a PDF first, then transferring via email or online file cabinet.

My desktop has a corner devoted to shortcuts to logging into various client computers, links to my remote file cabinets, and on the laptop, there are also a number of shortcuts to various web email portals for the clients.

Other invaluable solutions in my arsenal, the online file folder I subscribe to via BarefootDomains.com (http://www.barefootdomains.com). Various instant messenger programs and my voip phone system! J

Gosh… am I a bit OVER-connected? Hmmmm…

So, its back to sleep for me for a little while, hopefully this bug runs its course quickly and I can get back to my routine. Meanwhile, be well, and have a productive day.


I had some pears I didn’t want to lose because I didn’t eat them fast enough. So, I sliced them into a solution of Fruit Fresh and water, let them soak about 10 minutes and then put them in the dehydrator.  Wow the house smells nice now.

Before, I’ve dried apples and peaches with great results.  I did some lemons not too long ago, then blended them (keeping some of the rinds for other uses) – makes great lemon zest.  One thing though, citrus does tend to darken when drying, so they may benefit from the Fruit Fresh solution too, although it’s not necessary if the darkening doesn’t matter to you.

So, its Sunday morning, Michael is reading the paper, don’t ask where all the sections he’s read are ending up! 🙂 and I’m working on blogs, socials and trying to get past some bug I picked up. Michael had to be in Sterling yesterday and I would have gone with him but wasn’t feeling up to it, but that’s not a bad thing since Mom and Dad were both sick too. There will always be more trips.

So being somewhat lazy, and largely disorganized I decided to look for one place to post to all the social networks I belong to, and all my blogs at the same time. I found http://Ping.fm for the networks, which is really very nice but I haven’t figured out how to post to the blogs yet, although it says you should be able to. What makes this my social network updater of choice is two things, first, it doesn’t require I download an application that is kept running in the background, and second, its free. Truly love it!

Meanwhile, its pretty easy to post to all my blogs using The Journal software (www.davidrm.com) after setting up the blog profiles in the tools menu. I’ve used The Journal for many years, having transitioned to an electronic, secure journal that let me keep my privacy. (You can probably guess that my journals were read without invitation in the past.) Well worth the price for the very user friendly application. I’ll be upgrading my older 4.1 version to the 5.0 version.

So, this is my Sunday, is there anything better than sitting next to your honey on the couch? Pretty soon he’ll be getting out his laptop and we’ll both be here enjoying each other’s company and being productive. Ahhh…. Bliss……………

Have a great day! Kathy

It occurs to me that I am not very ‘user friendly’ on some things.  Give me an issue on the computer, using Office, or Vista (or XP) and I’m  a whiz… but ask me to but share buttons on a blog for Facebook and I’m lost….  Sigh, I guess I’ll have to ask someone.  (LOL)  I’m much like anyone else who hates to ask for directions, I’d rather figure it out for myself.

Perhaps I’ll wait a bit and fiddle around with it more before I ‘go there’.