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Santa – AKA Michael – was so generous (AGAIN!!!) for Christmas this year! He touched on every one of my hobbies, photography, herbs, and woodworking. For photography, he gave me new photo editing software – which I hinted that I really would love 🙂 – and for herbs he found me a wonderful book about alternative medicines and home/herbal remedies put out by the Mayo Clinic (really gorgeous book!) and for woodworking, he gave me shop tools! A new table saw and power miter saw – with the caveat that he can use them too – duh!! Of course he can!

I’ve been pretty busy in the shop/studio lately, I’m happily re-discovering pyrography – wood burning – and have produced a few simple things.

Woodburning on a bamboo plate and spoons. It was a crafty day yesterday.
This is a bamboo plate and spoons I burned.
Burn on a jewelry box I’ve wanted to dress up.
Wooden trivet burned with my favorite thing, chickens!! I collect chickens……

I finished my entryway cabinet which I think turned out beautifully and I love how it fits in the space. You can see pictures on this post for the finished piece and this post for the build. I’ve already got tons of ideas for the next projects.  I spent a day rearranging my half of the studio to fit in the new equipment, and it looks very nice now. Now we have to work on Michael’s side. I love that the garage is large enough to accommodate both of us and our various tools.

Look for more projects in the future!

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