I am so thankful to say my twin sister Karen made it though her brain surgery astonishingly well!  She’s already home from the hospital – surgery was Thursday!  The doctor was very pleased, both with the procedure and with the speed that Karen was ready to “get outta there” as she said. 🙂

I’m disapointed though, my daughter, who is Karen’s favorite neice, didn’t bother to contact her.  Also, didn’t bother to say happy birthday to her aunt either.  (Or to me, but I expected that).

What do you say to such a child?  To deliberately forget about the rest of the family, just because of a perceived infraction of the rules on my part?  My son I didn’t expect to try to reach out, he’s apparently not grown up enough – even though he’s a marine – and hasn’t decided to hear the truth.

Its not acceptable and she deliberately hurt her Aunt’s feelings.

I don’t like it, but I have to deal with her anger and temper tantrum to me, but why should she go out of her way to hurt the rest of the family who’s only fault is that they are related to me?

Now I know she believes she’s better than the rest of us.

Can you tell I’m angry?  I am! And yes, I’m hurt so I’m letting it out so I can get past it eventually.

I wonder if my daughter will tell me when the new grandson comes (unless he’s already here and of course I don’t signify or warrant any kind of thought!).

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