The little girl

The first smile
The first tooth
The first word
The first step
The first time you saw your baby brother
The first haircut
The first day of school
The first time you flew on a plane
The first fancy dinner
The first apple you picked
The first cookie you helped bake
The first fish you caught

There are a multitude of important firsts in a girl’s life. A mother sees so many and is so blessed to be a part of these rapid fire changes. Generally there are thousands to remember.

These are my firsts. These are what I was allowed to share with my little girl.

Now you are embarking on new adventures which includes a few new firsts for you so I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy reading about them.

I’m also heading toward a brand new life and wish with all my heart you wanted to be a part of it. We wish you, Bryce and the kids could be here to share our joy. In the meantime, be well in your life, and I hope the changes you are wishing for are swift in coming.

Love, Mom

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