Thoughts in the night…

So today, I woke up pretty tired.  For several reasons.  I worked late (till nearly 9pm) last night, and my shoulders are up near my ears again because of stress.  I had some disturbing dreams, and then I woke up in the middle of the night thinking about my kids.

My daughter is doing great, she just celebrated the 2 year birthday of her blog – the link is on my side bar, and I just loved reading her latest post this morning.  She’s an inspiration to me to be a good blogger. I thank God for her being in my life every day.

My son… I still haven’t heard from him.  As some know, he threatened legal action if I continued to try and reach out to him via letter – or any other means. He called it harassment.  The last letter I sent was 2/12… and so far, no charges, no restraining order.  Nothing.  Which makes me believe two things.  First, no one will issue a restraining order, or file charges on a mom desperately trying to tell her son she loves him, and second, he probably just threw the letter away, again.

Any ideas on making a stubborn young man see the truth, I welcome them.  Just please don’t tell me to give up on him – I’m not capable of that.


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