‘Tis the season

Today marks five months since my daughter disowned me.  Sometimes the grief is still so overpowering.  In the Daily OM, (link to the left in sidebar), the message is sitting in your sadness.  Wow that is so hard to do.  My first impulse is always to push it away since its painful.  But its part of the grieving process, and one we all go though.

I know I’ll survive my losses.  I’m extremely grateful for the love now in my life, I’m blessed beyond measure to have a happy home and the love of such a great man as Michael.  My relationships with my family are better than ever, and I’m healthy, productive, and alive.

In the back of my mind is always the knowledge that I’m a mother of two who don’t want me for their mother.  I don’t blame them really. I get frustrated with them, after all they do say they are old enough to know their own minds. But, I don’t blame them, they don’t know any better.

Right now, the hurt is still with me though.  Like a scratch that just stings and itches and you just want to scratch at it. It will heal, but the scars will always be there.

Read the article, its very insightful.

Thanks, Kathy

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