Tough evening…

I am having such a hard time this evening with missing my kids.  I just realized, and had it confirmed, that if something happened to my son, God forbid, I wouldn’t ever know. Which terrifies me, since he’s a Marine. Not that his father and his father’s mother would ever lift a finger to let me know.

So, how does anyone ever deal with that! I have been advised to just let things go for now. That my writing my son was harassment. But if I don’t try, then my children will believe what they were always told… that I abandoned them. Which couldn’t be further from the truth. I just wasn’t strong enough to stop it.

So, now, my only options are to continue to try and contact them, or, leave them alone and hope they come to me. If anyone wants to know all about heartache… just ask me.

So, just in case they read this, Nichole and Don, your mother loves you.

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