Update on Clara Fyffe

Clara sent me an update yesterday.  I’m posting parts of it here for you.

“The huge team of doctors up here in Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin, all put together by the “leader” Dr. Matthews, have done their level best to “fix” me. But our hopes, due in part to the complete lack of help or treatment earlier, have been squelched quite a bit. They have determined positively now that there is no way at all that any radiation can be used. My lung capacity, both lungs together, is down to only 47 percent. You will recall that, on the right lung two years ago, the middle lobe collapsed and has never recovered, so that side has since run on two cylinders, so to speak, rather than the three God gave us. Now here on the left side, we people are made with two lobes in this lung. I have large tumors at the top of each lobe, plus we’ve found some small ones here, there and yon, plus this time some lymph nodes are involved, as well. Any use of radiation will harden the lung tissue giving me even less ability to breathe. Trust me, it’s bad enough as it is. We had decided, therefore, to insert a permanent port in my upper chest to use for chemotherapy that Dr. Matthews wants to try. It’s our only hope for easing the breathing, if nothing else. Although it’s not a good thing, he’s going to try to “hit ’em hard” as he put it to see if he can slow down the growth and also hopefully kill a lot of the cancer with the chemo drugs. If it turns out I can’t tolerate it, we’ll just stop the treatment. Then I’d just be given “comfort treatment and meds while I wait. I am still praying that God will take care of me and, if it’s His will, that He’ll still heal me.

But nothing’s easy at the moment, wouldn’t you know it? I had broken a molar just before I left for up here but had no insurance to fix it. About a week ago, it started hurting and I was feeling lousy and began having much more trouble breathing. Turns out that molar became abscessed, as well as the one next to it. I had to see a dentist as an emergency patient at 8 o’clock last Monday morning. It was Sandy’s dentist who took me in the minute we called her, not even knowing me. When she heard about the cancer issues and then looked in my mouth, she was upset ‘cuz the abscesses were deep and I was on no antibiotics, plus my wheezing was bad. She called an oral surgeon who sent me from her office to his, all this before 9 o’clock am, same day! He peeked in my mouth and was surprised at how swelled my gums were from the molars’ infections and had to pull the molars right away. Oh, it hurt!!! The pressure eased a bit, but not the pain. He, then, put me on antibiotics and then sent me straight to the lung guy! There they could hear the infection in my lungs, so I got put onto an additional antibiotic as well as a large course of prednisone. My breathing is loud and rattley and bugs me, but I’m hoping it’ll clear up more by Monday so I can get the port and start chemo treatment against the cancer.

I’m starting a “CaringBridge” site but haven’t had energy to work on it much. I’ll keep you posted. By the way, I have to be out of my house down there in Bloomington, Indiana, (oh, that makes me so sad) by April 15th, I think, so I may need to call on some of you for help. I definitely need help with maybe selling some of my things, maybe with packing, I don’t know. I do know that I can’t bring everything up here, but most of my stuff … I don’t know. There is so much good stuff there, lots mostly new, lots never even used, and I need to come up with money for so many things – including final expenses. I have a really hard time talking about that for some reason, I guess because it depresses me so much. I did get most of the insurance issues taken care of up here, I hope. Anyway, my sister Colleen is supposed to help me with a list of items in the house and let me know what I have and don’t have. I’ll send it on when she does.”

I think Clara needs our help more than ever now.  Please send your cards and notes to her at:

Clara Fyffe
C/O Pastor Jeremiah Fyffe
145 Park St.
Sheboygan Falls, WI 53085

Thank you in advance for your caring support.


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