Washington DC Trip

I had always heard that Washington DC was not pretty, and that people were rude. I’m very happy to say I was vastly misinformed!

It was gorgeous there, and every where we looked was impressive architecture, and wonderful sights. I saw places I’d always wanted to see! Even though peak cherry blossom season had passed I found enough to make me realize I’ve got to have a cherry tree! We do have a weeping cherry tree in the front yard but I’m not sure its the same.

On Wednesday, Michael served on a panel discussing the changing nature of public service with several graduates from his alma mater as well as Northern Colorado University Alumni Association. It was held in DC due to the large number of alumni from both universities working there. Michael was a presenter with Katherine Archuleta who is the director of the US Office of Personnel Management.

It was a great presentation and I was so proud of Michael! (of course I always am!)

After the presentation, I begged the hotel management for permission to go up to the observation deck and take some night time shots. I was thrilled with them! Here’s one of them.

Overall, a wonderful three days off.


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