Watercolors by Nichole

I read recently on my daughter’s blog that she wanted to start painting again.  I have some her earliest (from 1998) and of course, being her mother, I think they are terrific. I hope she’ll see my blog and realize I never threw out anything she gave me.

This first one is Jenny, which is after my ‘Jenny’ on her nest with 4 little eggs. I’ve had the ceramic figurine since before Nichole was born and so she’s always known her.

I was sorting through Nichole and Don’s files and felt especially proud of her drawings and thought I’d share. I hope she does decide to start painting again. I think she had some real talent. 🙂  Although I’m not part of her life by her choice, I pray daily that she’ll change her mind.  I love and miss them both.

Thanks, Kathy




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