What a month…

Wow what a month!  Since we came back from vacation its been crazy!  Remember when I blogged about my falling down the stairs?  Turns out my left knee joint is fractured.  No wonder it didn’t feel like it was getting any better.  So, on doctor’s orders I’m ‘attempting’ to rest it.  For much of the last 2 weeks, I’ve been working upstairs on the couch, logged in via the laptop to the desktop downstairs.  Wow I love technology – where would I be without it….


At any rate, in June I’m celebrating 14 years in business and I’m really excited about it. Planning on some specials for my clients as well as a little surprise at the end of the month.

Michael will be at a conference back East, then in FL until the 16th but I’m planning on being really busy and going fishing with my sister Cherie while he’s away.

Wishing everyone a very happy Memorial Day holiday, be safe and remember why there is a Memorial Day.

Thanks, Kathy

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