Whew… what a day!

Wow, what a day. Its been both crazy busy and amazing. I’m very tired, but feeling enthusiastic about my day. It was abnormally busy due to the fact I was too sick to sit at the desk yesterday, but, I was called by two former clients who announced they want to come back, that their businesses were ‘ramping back up’. Awesome! Then, I prepared 24 1099 forms for my annual January clients, I anticipate I’ll have at least 200 more before the end of January. Then, two current clients announced that they will be increasing their hours with me due to upswings in their businesses.

Really exciting! There is no greater sign of success to me than repeat clients! I can’t imagine a better recommendation for my business. I’m really glad for the increase in hours… Today was one of those days that was more ‘on the clock’ than off the clock.

In between all the craziness with work, I was able to finish the laundry and get caught up on some other chores that went undone while I was down with the crud.

Then after work, I made a broiled chicken with Dijon mustard, spices (my secret blend), and breadcrumbs. Along with risotto, and fresh green beans. It was yummy! Michael, who is such a terrific cook, and really knows how to use herbs, couldn’t guess what I’d used. AND he went back for seconds, which he normally doesn’t do.

I guess he liked it!

He requested Chicken Cordon Bleu… which he said is one of his favorites. I’ve seen several recipies, but would love to find one that that is low calorie. Does anyone have any suggestions?

At any rate, I’m calling it a day… Another big day tomorrow.

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