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Today, I’m home sick. But, being home sick when you’re an entrepreneur, and work from home anyway, you’re still there, and can work from the couch. I’m currently logged in to my PC down in my office from the laptop on the couch. Its not completely ideal, since I collect mail for a number of clients and will need to go down and scan things, and prepare deposits, and send out mail. But, I will do that in a single batch so that I only need to go up and down the stairs once.

Which brings up an interesting topic of conversation. When working remotely, what services/products/solutions do you find invaluable? If you use a remote access service, which one? Why? In your opinion, what makes it better than all the others?

Personally, I use three different remote access services. I have two clients who prefer ( Several others use the free version of (, and I prefer the I’m InTouch ( service with As for a favorite, I would have to say for the fact they have a free version – it doesn’t allow for file transfer, or remote printing, but that can be ‘gotten around’ when also using an online file cabinet, and upload the file needing remotely printed there, or printing it to a PDF first, then transferring via email or online file cabinet.

My desktop has a corner devoted to shortcuts to logging into various client computers, links to my remote file cabinets, and on the laptop, there are also a number of shortcuts to various web email portals for the clients.

Other invaluable solutions in my arsenal, the online file folder I subscribe to via ( Various instant messenger programs and my voip phone system! J

Gosh… am I a bit OVER-connected? Hmmmm…

So, its back to sleep for me for a little while, hopefully this bug runs its course quickly and I can get back to my routine. Meanwhile, be well, and have a productive day.


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